The Law Of Attraction And Personal Growth

by subconscious mind 101
Personal growth and the law of attraction go hand in hand in that we all need to work to set goals and make plans for the future. There are certain things that the law of attraction will not allow us to do and therefore it is incumbent on all of us to work to get the things that we want in life. Visualization is one such tool that helps us to visualize the things that we want in life. This is done by picturing the things that we want in our mind and then asking our subconscious to send us the things that we pictured.

When we ask the subconscious to send us what we want, it sends back pictures ...

..... of the things that we ask it to and then asks us to repeat those pictures again in our mind so that the pictures can become a reality in our lives.
Positive Affirmations are used in the same way, we picture positive images and then ask our subconscious to send them to our life and we ask that question again in our mind. Many successful people today have used these two tools in their lives and are in a position to plan their lives successfully. What is great about these tools, is that they do not even know that they are being helped by the tools.

Many people know and use visualization and positive affirmations as tools in their lives ...

..... but they do not understand that these are being helped by the same law of attraction that is helping them. The power of visualization and positive affirmation is that they have allowed their life to become a picture of what they want. And they are using the law of attraction to help them get to where they want to be.

The success of successful people is because they understand that everything that they have become, is being helped by the law of attraction. And therefore they continue to use these tools to plan their lives to help them become even more successful and wealthy.

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