The Law of Attraction – The 3 Laws of Quantum Physics

by subconscious mind 101
One of the main topics that people who are interested in personal development needs to understand; is that of how the law of attraction works in conjunction with the subconscious mind. When people start to understand the law of attraction, they naturally start thinking that the better their life is, the easier it would be for them to attract the best experiences they want.
And if they think that way, it's only natural that they would think that the law of attraction would work like this: What you need, what you want, what you want becomes available to you.

However, as we know, the law of attraction doesn't work like this. There is a very deep channelling of your thoughts in the subconscious mind.
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And what these thoughts are channelled through, depending on which of the law of attraction principles you are approaching the law of attraction from, the state of mind of the one receiving the channelling will be affected, in some way or other. Of course, all of us would love to believe that the state of mind would be unaffected, so it's hardly surprising that the number one response of the subconscious mind to the law of attraction is to 'bind' or prevent anything that would require them from becoming available.
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To bind your thoughts in the subconscious mind, you have to change your mind, and this requires some discipline. We are all conditioned to think that if we do something, they will appear in our life. There's a saying that I always remember, "Whatever you think, you become". This means that, what you think about, whatever you think about, whatever you consider, you will eventually attract.
The second law of attraction states that whatever you want, you attract, and this means that, the state of mind you have, determines which experiences you will attract. And it also doesn't matter whether you want a rose, a mountain or a butterfly; if you don't have the right mental attitude, you will never get it. The third law of attraction states that whatever you are thinking about becomes available, and this is most likely the reason why people are experiencing more negative experiences than positive ones.
I have come across people who are actively looking for and finding people to go and attack and hurt in a video game. Another person that I've come across that is actively looking for and finding people to hurt and attack in the real world. But these are just examples of what I've come across, and you have to go out of your way to experience the law of attraction in action, because most of us live a normal everyday life without giving it a thought.
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By all means, try out the law of attraction and experience its power to make you the person you've always wanted to be, to experience what the world has to offer you, to have the experiences you want, to have all the things you think about and dream about, to be the person you think you should be, and to change your attitude in life to an attitude of abundance. But most of all, experience the law of attraction in action and give it a try, because the results will speak for themselves.

I want to end this post with a quotation from the song "Bangkok", by the band The Lonely Island: "Whatever you are thinking, that's your truth! Whatever you're hoping for, that's your power! Whatever you're gonna, that's your karma!"

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