What is the Law of Attraction?

by subconscious mind 101

Is the law of attraction really a law ?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is, it's all about perception. Just like light is both a medium and a substance, we perceive everything we experience as being made of particles of energy.

The atoms in all of us are energy - energetic. When we think about something, it becomes an energetic thought (or "vibrate" so to speak) and that thought energy changes the atoms in us. The atoms in us become vibrating energy, changing the mind.
In other words, you are made of many atoms which are made of many atoms which are made of many atoms, the universe is made of many things, so is the earth, and so is your body, and so is everything. This whole scenario is really quite fascinating to me, and I think it's why I enjoy studying it so much.
I think this whole situation is really a microcosm of a much larger universal idea: that everything is energy, and we are made of energy. We are all energy, part of the universe, connected by these energy strings.

Everything is connected in a web of energy strings

These energy strings do not extend beyond the earth and the universe; they are infinitely large, but each string is also infinitely small. The entire universe is infinitely small, yet the strings are also infinitely large. The entire universe is made of energy and we are energy, but the energy is also made of matter, like us. We are energy made of matter, which is also energy, and the whole is made of energy and matter. This energy is also part of the bigger energy web. The idea of the web is something I like quite a bit, but I'm not exactly experts on it. I'm also not exactly experts on these little strands of energy at the same time. As I have found though, you can follow a path that will lead you down the rabbit hole.
Here is a really simple description of the web. There is an energy web that connects every single energy. Every single thing in this universe is connected. The energy strings form this web, and these strands are joined together in a specific pattern. There is an 'alpha' joining these strands, usually accompanied by a 'omega'.

Each 'omega' is also joined to a 'theta'. The web is a large web. On the far side of the web, there is a black void. That is the end of the web. This is where the energy and matter begins.
What I'm getting at is that a web is nothing. A web is nothing but energy and matter. When you have learnt how to join the strands of energy and matter, you can use it to create any thing you like. You can create any form you want.
If I take a strand of energy, and I then connect it to a pair of shoes, and then connect it to a computer. Then use it to create something, it is still just energy. It is not anything. When I use it to create something, it is then something else, then matter, or it can be nothing, then matter again.

Everything is energy ...

... and we are made of energy. We are made of nothing. We don't need to be connected to anything or anyone to be made of energy. When I use my mind to create something, and I connect the strands of energy to anything I like, I am then made of energy and matter. Whatever I choose is what becomes created.

When I choose, and I choose everything. It is up to me to choose everything. You can't just choose one thing and then stop because that choice isn't working. It is down to what you choose. This is the reason why people don't know how to stop traffic, because they don't know how to choose the final destination.

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